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Border Security Expo 2023 will bring together high-ranking national, state, and local government leaders to discuss everything from policy updates to real-time reflections and observations on the challenges of today’s southern border.


2023 Panelists & Moderators (as of 05/08/23)

Note: All speakers are confirmed unless otherwise noted below. 

Juan Acosta

Assistant Director, Headquarters Field Operations, ERO, ICE


David BeMiller

Chief of Law Enforcement Operations, U.S. Border Patrol Headquarters

Kerri Bishop

Chief of the Contracting Office, Mission Support and Technologies (MST), Procurement Directorate, CBP

Mike Braun

President, SAVA Workforce Solutions; Former Assistant Administrator and Chief of Operations, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration


Rose Brophy

Acting Executive Director, Workforce Care, CBP

Bobby Brown

Senior Partner, Capital Defense & Associates

Beth Cappello

Deputy Chief Information Officer, DHS

Gloria Chavez

Chief Patrol Agent, Rio Grande Valley Sector, U.S. Border Patrol

Ron Colburn

The Border Patrol Foundation Board of Directors; Former National Deputy Chief, U.S. Border Patrol


Ntina Cooper

Deputy Executive Assistant Commissioner (Acting), Enterprise Services, CBP

Paul Courtney

Chief Procurement Officer, DHS 

Kevin J. Donovan

DHS/ICE Program Manager, MITRE

Elaine Duke

Elaine Duke & Associates, LLC

Scott Good

Chief Patrol Agent, El Paso Sector

Rachelle Henderson


Ana Hinojosa

President, ABH Global Trade Consulting, LLC


Benjamine "Carry" Huffman

Acting Deputy Commissioner, CBP


Eric Hysen


Peter Jaquez

Executive Director, Workforce Care Designate, CBP

David M. Jennings

(Acting) Deputy Chief, Identity and Information Management Division (IIMD), Immigration Records and Identity Services (IRIS), U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

Oscar Leeser

Mayor, El Paso

John P. Leonard

Deputy Executive Assistant Commissioner, Office of Trade, CBP


Hector A. Mancha

Director of Field Operations, El Paso Field Office, CBP

Tammy Meckley

Associate Director, Immigration Records and Identity Management Directorate, USCIS

Maria Michel-Manzo

Acting Deputy Assistant Director, Public Safety and Border Security Division, Homeland Security Investigations

Shawn O’Donnell

Supervisory Contracting Officer, DHS/ICE


Raul Ortiz

Chief, U.S. Border Patrol 

Manuel Padilla, Jr.

Executive Assistant Commissioner, Operations Support Office, CBP 


Josh Powell

(A)Deputy Director, CBP Innovation Team (INVNT), Office of the Commissioner, CBP

Carla Provost

Advisory Board Chairman; National Chief (Retired), U.S. Border Patrol

Ryan Scudder

Acting Executive Assistant Commissioner, Enterprise Services, CBP


Ruynard Singleton

Executive Director, Program Management Office Directorate (PMOD), U.S. Border Patrol

Richard Spallinger

Supervisory Special Agent, National Insurance Crime Bureau, Foreign Operations

J.T. Stevens

Deputy Special Agent in Charge, Homeland Security Investigations, El Paso

Patty Todaro Bolin

Managing Partner, ICS Advisory

Sarah Todd

Executive Director of Acquisition Policy & Legislation, DHS 


Bill Weinberg

Assistant Administrator for Contracting & Procurement and Head of Contracting Activity, TSA

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