Solutions Theater

Solutions Theater sessions, located in the exhibit hall, are an excellent opportunity to hear about the most innovative products, services, and technologies on the market. These convenient 15-minute sessions are free to all attendees and exhibitors.

Tuesday, March 29 | 2:00 pm – 2:15 pm





D-Fend Solutions | Counter-Drone Solutions for Border Security

The number of drones smuggling contraband across borders is proliferating, as is the use of weaponized drones on cartels or law enforcement/border personnel. Drones are also used to find border fence weaknesses and track border personnel. Natural impediments like long borders, shorelines and populated urban regions also contribute to border challenges.


A counter-drone, radio frequency (RF)-based, cyber-takeover system for border protection–such as D-Fend Solutions’ flagship product, EnforceAir–is the ideal solution. The system detects, locates, and identifies rogue drones in the airspace and then neutralizes the threat by allowing users to take full control over the drone and land it safely in a predefined zone.


Cyber-takeover solutions do not rely upon jammers or kinetic technology, avoiding collateral damage, interference, disruption, and disturbance. Continuity prevails as communications, commerce, transportation, and everyday life smoothly proceed. Cyber-takeover is ideal for protecting borders from illegal drone incursions, regardless of the terrain. The solution requires no line-of-sight for detection and can be deployed in both static and mobile configurations. A multi-sensor command and control system can fuse sensor data from multiple counter-drone systems into one user interface and select the optimal sensor to mitigate a threatening drone.


Border security personnel are empowered to retrieve drone payloads being carried by rogue drones, which is important when drones are carrying drugs and/or explosives. Takeover systems also identify and track the location of the drones’ take-off positions and remote-control operators, information that can be passed to law enforcement to help stop incursions.


Many border units utilize drones for aerial security along the border in places where there may be camera gaps. Solutions employed by these units mustn’t disable the use of sUASs. With EnforceAir, drones can be authorized to fly near the border, and continue operating while being tracked by the system. 


Tuesday, March 29 | 2:30 pm – 2:45 pm




Chainalyis | Crypto @ the Border: How to identify suspects and empower investigations using blockchain analysis


Presenter: Collin Almquist, Director of Strategic Intelligence, Chainalyis


Criminals of all types are turning to blockchains to launder funds gained through illicit activity. In 2021, over $15.8 trillion exchanged hands on the blockchain and the criminal share totaled around $14 billion in transaction volume. Individuals and transnational criminal organizations are leveraging cryptocurrency to smuggle narcotics, engage in money laundering, transport illicit goods, and facilitate human trafficking, but their activity leaves a trail of data for investigators to follow and actionable intelligence opportunities to exploit.  The public blockchain keeps an immutable record of all these transactions —it just needs to be read the right way.


This presentation will outline how blockchain analysis tools link cryptocurrency transactions to real-world entities, enabling security experts to map criminal financial networks, track bad actors, enable the seizing of funds, and solve the most important cases including terrorist financing, organized crime and more.


Serving as an introduction to cryptocurrency crime themes, threats and typologies, the audience will leave with a better understanding of cryptocurrency-based crime relevant to border protection and law enforcement agencies, including:

  • What is the landscape of seizable criminal assets and how much money criminals control today

  • Crypto activity originating from border countries and hubs for transnational criminal organizations

  • What agencies can do to track, interdict, and seize assets related to illicit activity