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Press & Media

All qualified press are invited to attend and cover Border Security Expo. Official press credentials allow access to all keynotes and plenary panels, the exhibit hall, ​the on-site press room, and Demo Day. Please note: Press is not allowed in the breakout session rooms. 

Press passes are reserved for working members of the press only. Applicants for a press pass must show current employment by or assignment for a publication or program that is previously established, independent, and regularly updated with original industry-related news. ​This includes editors, reporters, producers, camera crews, still photographers, and industry analysts.

Accepted Forms of Media Credentials
  • Masthead from a current publication listing you as an editorial contributor

  • A recent article (or link) with your by-line from a credible news source or publication

  • Current government-issued or media outlet press ID

  • A news outlet webpage listing you as news staff (news director, editor, producer, reporter, anchor)

Press/Media Guidelines

In order to accommodate the press for Border Security Expo, we ask that each press member adheres to the guidelines below. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

  • Press credentials may be provided to members of the press who are in good standing and are working on behalf of a verified news organization. Each member must submit a press registration form for consideration. No member of the press will be allowed into plenary sessions or the exhibit hall without being properly credentialed.

  • No member of the press will be allowed into breakout session rooms.

  • Credentialed press may attend the keynote/plenary panels and ask relevant questions during the appropriate Q&A portion of each program; however, please keep in mind that attendees will be given priority and remain the focus of each session.

  • Cameras and/or other recording devices, including cell phones and tablets, may be permitted in the plenary theater on a case-by-case basis and should be noted on press registration form.

  • The organizers of Border Security Expo reserve the right to grant, reject, or revoke accreditation at any time, at their discretion.

Press Badge Request Form

Media Credentials *

Please provide a URL or upload a file that shows current employment by, or assignment for a publication/program that is previously established, independent, and regularly updated with original industry-related news. ​

Upload File
Please indicate if you plan to bring the following:
Do you plan to cover the Sharpshooter Classic & Demo Day on Friday, May 12?

Thank you for your interest in covering Border Security Expo 2023. You will receive an email confirmation after your press badge request is approved.

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