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Solutions Theater

Back by popular demand!

These convenient 15-minute sessions in the exhibit hall are an excellent opportunity to hear about the most innovative products and technologies on the market. FREE to all attendees and exhibitors.

Check out just a few of the sessions offered in 2019:

  • Verizon: Intelligent Edge Networking-Drive Improved Operational Effectiveness and Agent Safety in Austere Environments
  • AT&T: Leveraging Technology to Enhance Operations—From Calm to Crisis
  • Splunk and World Wide Technology: Making Sense of Data at the Border—In Real-Time
  • Benchmark: 6,000 Miles: Why Every Border Patrol Agent Needs Access to Integrated Technological Solutions
  • Network Integrity Systems: A Cost-effective and Easily Deployable Intelligent Long-Distance Border Monitoring Solution
  • KrauskoTactical: New Robo-Aggressor Providing High-intensity Training in Defensive Tactics, Dynamic Restraint, and K9 Take-Down