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At Border Security Expo, you can get big-picture insights and critical details on the latest challenges and issues impacting border security in the U.S. and abroad. Led by industry experts and leaders in the field, you’ll walk away with invaluable insights and solutions that you can start implementing immediately. Check out the unparalleled conference agenda from 2019:


  • Ronald D. Vitiello, Deputy Director, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  • Vice Admiral Scott Buschman, Director, Joint Task Force-East
  • Scott A. Luck, Deputy Chief, U.S. Border Patrol
  • John P. Sanders, Chief Operating Officer, U.S. Customs and Border Protection


National Vetting Center: What is It? What isn’t It? And How Will It Change the Way We Protect the Homeland?
This session will focus on the National Vetting Center (NVC) and how it will complement the National Targeting Center (NTC). Experts from the NVC, NTC, as well as other members of the Intelligence Community, will discuss why the NVC is critical to the Homeland and next steps. The NVC will be operational at the time of the Expo, enabling the audience and panels to discuss the implementation.

Mass Migration and Unaccompanied Children: Financial and National Security Impacts
This panel will be comprised of experts from ICE Homeland Security Investigations assigned to the U.S., Mexico, and Central America. The panel will discuss the financial impact on the U.S., Mexico, and Central American countries in addressing the issues related mass migration and unaccompanied children attempting to enter the U.S. The panel will discuss human trafficking, organized human smuggling organizations, and national security issues relating to mass migration and unaccompanied children. The panel will provide publicly releasable information relating to “The Caravan” that reached the U.S./Border in November 2018.

Border: Wall – Ports – System(s) – Technology – Infrastructure – Integration – Modernization
Panel will discuss the immediate, near term, and out-year capability requirements, goals, and vision for border operations including infrastructure updates; technology needs, requirements, and planning; initiatives; modernization; and deployments.

Model Port: How Technology, Public-Private Partnerships, and Innovation Will Continue to Change the Way Ports-of-Entry Operate
This panel will be comprised of experts from the federal/local governments and industry. It will highlight what will take place at the POE in Donna, Texas and why it is important to the country’s national and economic security. Technology will play a key role in defining the Model Port. A representative from the City of Donna will explain why this investment is important to the local community. CBP Headquarters staff will address the Donation Assistance Program and why it is necessary to make the Model Port a reality.

A Dialogue with Tenoch Moreno, General Customs Administration, Mexico: Current Operations and Future Thoughts

Procurement: Keeping Industry Current in the Complex Area of Government Procurement and the Mission Needs of Border Operators
This is a must-attend session for those who plan to compete for government contracts. Rules and regulations change frequently, and new requirements are placed on industry. Industry must have a clear understanding of the mission needs of the border operators. Government and industry experts will discuss best practices and explain how to best leverage the many opportunities that support the daily mission of CBP and other agencies. Government panelists will include Senior Executives from CBP procurement and the new office of Operations Support.

Check back soon in December for more information on the 2020 conference agenda.