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Brieda Cabins has specialized in the manufacture of driver cabins and control stations worldwide for over 38 years in Porcia, Italy.  Brieda has a presence in over 56 countries worldwide. Brieda Cabins has developed a new ergonomic remote dynamic control desk designed for surveillance and mission control systems. This new invention is the result of many years of experience and in-depth studies into biomechanics, ergonomics and design leading to a new generation of ergonomic remote control desks designed with operator interface devices that fully adapt electrically to the operator's needs and fulfill the ergonomic standards, reducing the risk of unhealthy postures and noticeably reducing the biomechanical stress in the use of shoulders, elbows and wrists, obtaining good efficiency of head movements and angles of vision.  The desk provides comfort to the operators to maximize improved precision and performance.  The website for Brieda Cabins is


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